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Norwia: miniHUB makes optical ring structures simple

Norwia is demonstrating how the versatility of its miniHUB optical platform enables broadcasters to contribute video and audio over a fully redundant ring structure.

An on-stand demonstration showcases Norwia’s unique AutoSFP technology, which simplifies the operation of fully functioning broadcast redundant ring structures. The platform consists of a fully flexible optical bladewith the next generation miniHUB interface. It is configurable as a multiple fibre solution or a multiplexed backbone structure that provides redundancy in both main and redundant fibre paths. This means that the fibre can be utilised in either direction and still provide signal integrity.

Strengthening the resilience of the miniHUB ring structure allows for total power outage at any site, while other locations will still receive and send signals between each other. Norwia’s AutoSFP technology ensures that signal capacity can be easily added without having to worry about difficult calculation of bandwidth.

The miniHUB optical platform is built around a single card that adapts to the individual function a ring structure needs. All other manufacturers require a series of cards for each function while the miniHUB platform is dynamic, as it only needs one card to deliver all functionality through simple configuration.

SNMP is available for integration into larger media control systems through the RCONmini surveillance system to provide monitoring locally and remotely.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to stand out from the crowd; we are demonstrating this at IBC with our unique miniHUB optical platform, which provides all the functionality of a multicard system in just one card, stripping out cost and reducing the complexity of optical signal distribution,” said Tore Steen, CEO, Norwia.

“As live content continues to increase in importance, broadcasters need solutions that meet the complex challenges of signal distribution. The redundant ring structure enabled by the unique and elegant Norwia miniHUB solution meets this challenge, ensuring that our customers can deliver high