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Nodeum set to virtualise storage

A hybrid storage and active archiving solution, Nodeum, has been launched by MT-C to virtualise multiple forms of storage, including flash, disk and tapes, in one system.

The company’s own research showed several strategic challenges that are set to be game changers in the IT landscape over coming years: the explosion of data volumes; the need to access data quickly and effortlessly; longer term data retention policies; increased data security and integrity; and the environmental and cost considerations for prioritising reduced storage energy consumption.

Valery Guilleaume, CEO, MT-C, commented, “Nodeum allows users to easily catalogue, store, and retrieve massive volumes of data. The interface is easy to use and intuitive. REST API and LTFS open the solution.”

To introduce IBC visitors to Nodeum, the company has launched its free appliance during at the show so customers and partners can have the chance to try it out at its full capacity. MT-C also announced that Nodeum is LTFS certified by LTO.