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Nikon-shod mod Pod

The MRMC Pod combines a modular robotic head with a Nikon D5 DSLR in a package that offers Ultra HD or HD video in a completely weatherproof unit (IP67), which is extremely accurate (0.00001º) and
very responsive.

Because it uses a Nikon FX-size sensor it offers wide dynamic range, colour depth and low noise performance. It can also be fitted with a huge range of Nikon-compatible lenses. The camera is completely integrated into the head for full control.

The MRMC Pod system, which breaks down into three key components, is designed to be simple to quickly adapt from a wide-angle lens enclosure to one containing a long telephoto lens.

Even the largest robotic pod can easily be installed by one person, and the Pod can be controlled using Mark Roberts Motion Control’s Multi Head Control (MHC) software, which can be run from a tablet device.