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Nexto DI : 2K/4K field backup device

To back up HD or Ultra HD memory cards on location, without a laptop, Nexto DI has launched the Storage Bridge NSB-25, an expandable field backup device with interchangeable memory card modules and removal drives.
The versatile unit comes with two removable USB 3.0 hard drives, plus CF/SD (SDHC/SDXC) memory card slots and a slot for an interchangeable memory card module – of which there will be a choice of seven modules to handle SxS, P2 & ExpressP2, Red, AJA, AXSM, 2.5-inch SSD (or HDD), or CFast cards.
With one touch, NSB-25 can generate up to three true back up copies simultaneously (MCopy) on the two removable drives and one external USB 3.0 drive attached to it.
For reviewing backed up footage as thumbnails, or to playback 2K and preview 4K video clips, the NSB-25 has a 5-inch 800×400 touchscreen, where it can show XAVC 2K/4K or other formats, such as MPEG2, AVC-intra, AVCHD, H.264, ProRes, DNxHD and DVCPRO HD. The NSB-25 will also transcode 4K files to H.264 for quick playback – via a future upgrade pack. It has an internal speaker and headphone jack, and users can connect it to a larger monitor through its HDMI port.
It can also generate a CRC-protected Log file to keep track of usage, and when copying a 4GB or larger file it supports exFAT/FAT/UDF and HFS+ file formats.
A Sync function allows users to quickly offload all backed up files to another drive by touching the screen, and only those files that have changed since the last sync will be copied.