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Next level for LUTs

Advanced colour management devices have been introduced here at IBC by Flanders Scientific.

BoxIO, a new product category, takes LUT box technology to the next level according to the company, by incorporating unique capabilities such as frame capture, on-set grading, and dual channel operation.

From BoxIO to BoxIO LiteSDI and BoxIO LiteDP, there is a BoxIO device to suit every budget and every production need, claimed Flanders Scientific.

To address the frustrations often experienced with LUT devices, the company has included SDI loop-throughs on every BoxIO model. These clean loops are in addition to the processed SDI outputs and allow the signal to continue unaltered to other downstream equipment.

Bram Desme, CEO and GM, Flanders Scientific, explained, “We found that many clients wanted to feed both a LUT modified image to their client display as well as a clean signal to external devices like scopes.

With most other LUT boxes the device is strictly an end of chain device, so if you want to continue the clean signal to other equipment you would have to use a distribution amplifier or router to accomplish that.

BoxIO simplifies this real-world scenario by allowing you to just loop a clean signal back out of the device.”

All BoxIO models support 17-sided and 33-sided 3D LUTs and feature the ability to simultaneously apply 3D and 1D LUTs for advanced workflows. BoxIO devices also support real-time LUT updates for use with production environment software such as LiveGrade Pro and QTAKE.

Additionally, BoxIO allows connected applications to pull full resolution frame grabs for either reference stills or thumbnail creation.