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Next-gen networked audio

System T is a new fully networked broadcast audio production environment. It has been designed from the ground up to provide the power to handle large-scale productions in a ‘multi-platform delivery’ driven future, said SSL.

A range of hardware and software control interfaces can be placed anywhere on a network with up to three consoles or control interfaces accessing a single or fully mirrored redundant pair of processor cores. Multiple processor cores can be used on a single network. Control interfaces and processing resources can be re-configured to suit daily requirements.

Routing and I/O is Dante based with System T featuring the first consoles to use the new Dante HC (high channel) connectivity. SSL’s newly expanded network I/O range puts SSL audio quality Stageboxes and interfaces wherever they are required in a facility.

“System T is a technology at the beginning of its life,” said Antony David, MD of SSL. “It’s a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to broadcast audio production that enables broadcasters to plan for the future, and adapt in the future.”, 8.D83