Newtec adds features with Dialog 1.3

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This year’s IBC focus for Newtec was getting the most out of what the company believes is the ever-growing number of HTS. The latest version of Newtec Dialog release 1.3 made its IBC debut. Described by the company as a scalable, flexible and highly efficient platform, Newtec says that Dialog allows operators to build and adapt their business as the market changes by enabling multiple services over a single all IP-based platform.

New features of release 1.3 include DVB-S2X on the forward link, support for the new MDM5000 Satellite Modem, Layer 2 bridging and mobility support. It is also equipped with Newtec’s Mx-DMA technology, which is said to enable MF-TDMA flexibility and on-demand variable bandwidth allocation at SCPC efficiencies. From release 1.3 onwards, Mx-DMA rates up to 75Mbps in the return are supported using shared capacity.

The MDM5000 – claimed by Newtec to be the industry’s first DVB-S2X high-throughput VSAT modem – is designed for mid- and high-speed applications like connectivity for medium-sized enterprise networks, government applications, oil and gas, maritime and cellular backhaul. This latest edition completes Newtec’s modem portfolio for low- up to high-speed applications, ensuring, the company says, the optimal solution for every application and price point.