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New usage options

Subtitle transmission system Polistream now has Virtual Machine, Bring-Your-Own-Device and OPEX Rental options, its developer Screen Subtitling Systems has announced.

Screen’s Polistream Black system has remained a mainstay solution in broadcast as a premium subtitle delivery system since its launch, according to the company. Revolutionising the company’s Blue system, Black employs what the company says is an energy efficient universal 1U unit and an array of software modules and internal cards.

“Polistream is still considered to be a superior product in the market in terms of quality of output, reliability and flexibility,” said Gary Glover, Screen’s acting MD, “but we have had to consider the way the solution is supplied to accommodate the radically changing ways our customers now operate.”

Following a period of customer consultation, Screen says it learned that the presence of additional hardware on-site – the 1U Polistream unit – was becoming a sticking point with some customers. “We’ve had no doubt for years this was going to be the case, but we wanted the time to be right to release the extended options,” said Glover.

Both Screen’s new Virtual Machine and Bring-Your-Own-Device optionson offer a solution to IP-based systems for DVB playout, transcoding and retiming of subtitles., 1.C49