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New stream processor announced

IBC is witnessing the launch of the new AVP 2RU stream processor platform by Ericsson. The AVP 2RU delivers a very powerful and high-density solution that can be rapidly deployed, drawing upon various key capabilities which can be applied across multiple applications, stream processors, multiplexers and encoders. It is also said to enable service providers to reduce the complexity of their platform and make substantial cost savings by removing the need for additional product purchases.

Ericsson’s AVP 2RU platform delivers new features including high-efficiency cooling, using two independent, hot-swappable airflow channels, each of which can be cooled using a single fan at ambient temperatures through a single connector for both fan power and speed control. The design delivers throughput of 6GB per second and each transport stream can be optimised to up to 300MB per second.

The AVP 2RU integrates with Ericsson Virtualised Encoding and supports the development of software-defined video processing for TV service providers, allowing dynamic resource allocation and abstraction.

Dr. Giles Wilson, head of TV compression, Ericsson, said, “TV service providers face a series of unprecedented challenges in order to meet the increasing consumer expectations of a TV Anywhere age and to deliver new channels to market at record speed”.