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New software aimed at HDR

The new software release of the R&S Clipster mastering station from Rohde & Schwarz includes an expanded tool set for high dynamic range workflows, enabling more flexible colour processing.

Available in Q3, Clipster 6.1 has extended the IMF feature set to include localisation of subtitles. And the new alpha compositing feature enables data such at title sequences and text clips in multiple languages to be exchanged directly on the timeline.

Content that has been mastered for a specific region can be modified for worldwide distribution.

Support of Dolby Vision and HDR10 metadata in IMF (PQ, SMPTE 2086) allows content to be delivered for current HDR consumer standards. Clipster also integrates the new HEVC and ProRes 444 XQ formats for delivering content in HDR and wide colour gamut formats.

R&S Clipster 6.2 can be seen as a technology preview. One highlight is the enhancement of the HDR workflow to include image processing with floating point processing. In addition, it enables image processing in real time up to 4K 120fps.

Other features include support for the Avid DNxHR codecs and the ability to process HDR metadata for Dolby Cinema.