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New QC in the cloud

Quasar, a new native cloud-based QC offering from Venera Technologies, is being featured at IBC. Based on the company’s flagship Pulsar file-based QC system, Quasar can be used as a service without investing into the infrastructure.

It’s scalable and can be integrated with REST API.

The company recommends Quasar ideally for VoD content that is delivered in Adaptive bitrate formats such as MPEG-DASH, HLS or Smooth Streaming, or as MPEG-4/MPEG-TS files. It’s available as SaaS on AWS or can be installed within private clouds with monthly plans.

Venera is also highlighting updates to Pulsar in areas including DCP/IMP verification, DCP encryption, report editing, language support, baseband checks and loudness correction.

According to Venera, users can now review the Pulsar analysis results with the integrated GrayMeta IRIS player; and Pulsar’s performance has been enhanced so that an HD file can now be processed up to 6x real-time speeds.

The company is also on hand to discuss its Pulsar Pay-Per-Use (PPU), which makes Pulsar available to facilities as they are needed.