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New operator TV adds value

EKT celebrated its tenth birthday at IBC this year, as well as the launch of its latest 4K, HDR operator TV, complementing its recently announced 4K HDR Android- and Linux-based set-top boxes.

Available in various sizes, the new SmartTV is designed as an addition to the content delivery strategy of any operator wanting to differentiate itself from the rest with a more complete customer offering.

It may not be the first 4K/HDR TV to come to market, but as Jill Mulder, VP of marketing at EKT, explained, the company’s strategy is about hitting the sweet spot in terms of the affordability of the underlying technology.

“These new announcements are all about our strategy of delivering better value for our customers,” he continued.

“We see it as our job to help our customers combat the ongoing pressures in this market and the operator TV is a great tool in the marketing mix to offer something new and compelling.”

Mulder is under no illusions that the 4K infrastructure has some way to go before the higher resolution becomes omnipresent. “So much needs to happen,” he said, but notes that consumer demand for Ultra HD still exists, despite the relative lack of content.