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New motor way for follow focus

Polish cine-machinery design company Kinorg has introduced the latest versions of its wireless follow focus: D25Ws, a single motor system; and D25Wm, which can work with up to three motors.

The device handle and motors are manufactured in a solid aluminium body, making it stronger and longer lasting, while the improved ergonomic design of the handle should make it more convenient to use.

There are two versions of the high-torque, direct drive motors: basic and slim. The slim motors weigh 255g and are used primarily with the three motor handle when there is a need to have more space on the rods, while the 360g basic motor is used for tight lenses when the focus puller needs high rotation speeds.

All the motors have a built-in wireless transmitter and power stabiliser, so there are no external units. The basic motors are powerful enough to operate with all the lenses currently available in film and
video production.

They have long-lasting batteries (the 2600mA built-in battery provides up to 30 hours non-stop usage, while an additional 1200mA fast-switch external magnet-mounted battery supplies a further 12 hours). They support 6-38 volt supplies, offer one-touch motor setup and calibration, and have a two-clicks motor-find connection mode.