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New ENG concept demonstrated

Demonstrating the latest advances for its new concept in electronic newsgathering and live production is Domo Broadcast.

After recently launching the SOLO7 OBTX modular camera back transmitter, Domo is developing a module to interface directly with it.

The new functionality that this radio will afford will feature full SD and HD, including 1080p50/60 formats; IP encoding and streaming capabilities; traditional ASI COFDM; bidirectional IP over RF (Mesh); return IFB; plus 3G and 4G dongle support.

The new module in development on Domo’s proprietary IP software platform is designed to provide full bidirectional communication and control from camera to studio, enabling production teams to move far more of the command, control and creative functions back to the studio
or OB truck.

“This new module, developed specifically for newsgathering, will give news broadcasters new functionality that is second to none and we are showcasing the beta design at IBC,” said Domo Broadcast sales director JP Delport.