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New cloud DVR architecture

Software-based video processing and delivery company Envivio is demonstrating its new cloud DVR architecture at IBC. Envivio’s new solution is claimed to cover all the functions expected to address ‘Anytime TV’ across all screens, including network time-shifting, Start-over TV, Catch-up TV and network personal video recorders.

The company said the end-to-end architecture has been designed for the multiscreen world, to provide flexibility to video providers who want to offer TV anytime services to their subscribers across all their devices. Envivio added that its cloud DVR architecture combines all the latest processing techniques, from efficient software-defined storage with erasure coding, the use of the latest compression standards to packaging and even transcoding on the fly, resulting in storage reductions at each step.

Storage costs have, according to Envivio, been the main obstacle to the deployment of TV Anytime services. However, it believes that, thanks to these innovations and efficiency gains, video providers can achieve 10 to 30x storage savings throughout the process compared to existing approaches. This will ultimately lower the operating expense of delivering the DVR features desired by consumers.

The Cloud DVR architecture does not require an operator to pick and choose among formats.