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Nevion integrates TICO into Virtuoso product line

Media transport solution provider Nevion is now among the increasing list of TICO-enabled equipment manufacturers and solution providers. Submitted as SMPTE

RDD35, TICO is an advanced, visually lossless compression technology designed to be the standard for moving live content efficiently over IP networks. Nevion is adding TICO capabilities as a media function to its Virtuoso software-defined media node.

Virtuoso provides real-time IP adaptation, compression, protection, monitoring, aggregation and signal processing functionality, which can be changed and upgraded through software.

The new Virtuoso media function enables TICO Ultra HD 4K encoding and decoding for transport over 10GE/IP or 3G-SDI video links, with a visually lossless 4:1 compression ratio and a latency of a few milliseconds.

The Virtuoso solution offers multi-channel bi-directional TICO Ultra HD/4K compression in a compact 1RU media server.

“We are seeing growing interest in Ultra HD/4K in live production among our customers,” said Johnny Dolvik, chief product and development officer, Nevion.

“A big challenge for broadcasters and service providers is the bandwidth required to transport Ultra HD/4K video signals.

TICO compression enables them to transport pristine quality video using the same bandwidth as currently used for uncompressed 3G high-definition with a minimal effect on latency.

Adding TICO to Virtuoso’s existing JPEG 2000 and H.264 compression capabilities made a lot of sense for Nevion.”