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Network bonding solution launched

IBC is witnessing the launch of RazorLink by Livewire Digital. Described as a flexible, scalable software solution, it is designed to offer network bonding, resilience, traffic prioritisation, increased network security and network statistics.

3G, 4G, WiFi, DSL and satellite can be bonded to increase available bandwidth or offer a backup network to critical applications; the RazorLink protocols manage link aggregation, correct errors and minimise latency.

Livewire claimed RazorLink technology can overcome the limitations of using UDP across wide area networks for streaming applications, implementing what the company says is sophisticated error correction that offers the resilient delivery of UDP streams without the need for the high overheads associated with FEC.

Livewire Digital said this results in more efficient use of network capacity and lower latency for live feeds.

The technology is also claimed to overcome the delay and packet loss that can occur when operating over a wide area network, substantially improving the performance of applications.

The intelligent RazorLink protocols are designed to overcome the limitations of TCP and accelerate data transfer by using available link capacity efficiently, independent of distance.

According to the company, tests have shown FileZilla with RazorLink can outperform the ‘gold standard’ accelerated file transfer solutions.