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NetUP: All-in-one IPTV

A new all-in-one IPTV server is making its debut at IBC on the NetUP stand. The server, called Visual IPTV Combine, is designed for small hotels, ships and hospitals and can provide IPTV, EPG, VoD and other services for up to 50 users.

The key feature of the device is the 12-in touchscreen, which enables a user to configure and deploy the IPTV solution in no time. The device can be mounted on a wall at a hotel reception.

TV channels can be grouped into mosaic grid view for monitoring, to help ensure 24/7 availability of the IPTV services. An easy switch to the administration interface is available, should it be required to add users, change TV channel settings and so on.

Visual IPTV Combine is described as replacing several IPTV devices, including the DVB to IP gateway, VoD server, IPTV middleware and billing server. The TV channels are received from DVB sources: digital satellite (DVB-S/S2), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) and cable (DVB-C/C2) signal can be received, decrypted and sent to users’ IP STBs via the IP network using multicast (UDP) or unicast (HLS).

The device automatically transcodes uploaded movies destined for the VoD service to the required format and saves to the internal SSD. Besides IPTV features, it also provides hospitality features such as welcome messages for guest check-in, messages from reception, an information page, check-out and billing features and so on.