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Netris: Complete software solution for CCTV

Described as a complete software solution for CCTV systems with a small number of digital cameras, the recently-released Netris iStream ITX video server is specially designed to provide video services through Internet channels or in private networks.

The system provides the ability to create channels for digital camera (as well as for analogue cameras, using additional hardware), to manage users and their roles, to watch realtime video from cameras (including multiple streams simultaneously in mosaic mode) and in archive mode, as well as to record video with adjustable record depth.

Netris iStream ITX management and access is available via the web interface, and IP-video cameras are registered in the system by an administrator. The video format is H.264, and it uses the RTSP data transfer protocol. Netris iStream ITX works on servers under CentOS Operating System, version 6.5 or higher.

Netris ITX provides the optional ability to connect local PTZ drivers, which allow remote control of the direction and the zoom of the camera.

Three types of Netris iStream ITX licenses are available: for 8, 16 and 32 cameras.