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Net Insight: Reducing TCO through simplification

Showing how it can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) through simplifying network complexities, allowing broadcasters and operators to introduce revenue-generating services in an easy and cost-efficient way…all this is the goal of Net Insight’s participation in this year’s IBC.

Net Insight’s media switch router (MSR) functionality is claimed to provide unique features such as service-centric network management and quality of service (QoS) enhanced links and lossless routing, enabling companies to improve service integrity and performance of dedicated, managed and unmanaged IP networks.

Handling the growth in media traffic poses a huge problem for network operators, notes Net Insight, in terms of network manageability. Increased costs, time to market and risks when launching new services and/or extending network reach is becoming more challenging and putting greater strain on networks. As the media industry transitions to dynamic production workflows, the company says that bar has been raised even higher for broadcasters and operators that expect content to be readily available whenever and wherever it is needed, which is changing the requirements of networks in a way that drastically increases complexity.

At IBC2014, Net Insight is demonstrating how it believes its Nimbra platform meets these challenges by providing operational advantages and significant cost savings over media network lifecycles, through making tasks such as engineering, provisioning and troubleshooting more simplified. The company says it has relevant numbers to quantify why and how its solution is addressing the problem of network complexity.