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Net Insight: Preparing for 8K TV

Visitors still grappling with the challenges of 4K may not be ready yet for 8K, but exhibitor Net Insight is. IBC2014 sees the company launch what it describes as a unique solution to enable 8K UHDTV signals to be transported over an IP infrastructure. The company claims that the solution, which enables 4K/8K linear workflows, offers market-leading visual quality, visually lossless compression and very low latency, making it perfectly suited to live production environments.

Net Insight is also demonstrating its Nimbra VA 200 series, which allows for the expansion of newsgathering operations using the internet, and, says the company, offers sports broadcasters and OTT providers the opportunity to create and cover more content in an easy, reliable and cost-effective way. The company also believes that Nimbra VA 200 products can help generate new revenue streams, increase subscriber numbers, and lower operational costs.

The Nimbra VA 220 features a built-in encoder, allowing on-site personnel to quickly and cost-effectively connect to cameras for compression, conversion and transport of high-quality live content across any type of network and in the absence of reliable bandwidth