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Neotion: Headless gateway announced

A new headless gateway, allowing pay TV operators to securely deliver their content through a rich user experience to different screens, is being launched at IBC by Neotion.

The DVBeacon concept relies on widely deployed smart TV technology, which provides an HTML5 browser and a secure media player (DTCP-IP). This presents an exciting opportunity, says Neotion, to create an ecosystem not yet explored. The DVBeacon does not necessarily have to be connected to the Internet in order to explore and exploit its capabilities and the universe of a smart TV.

“We believe that the DVBeacon, which is based on our latest chipset technology, will allow pay TV operators to offer an increased user experience whilst creating new revenues from value added services,” said Gregory Wieczorek, Neotion’s president and general director. “Not only is this product price competitive in the market against existing HD STBs but as a headless device, it is also future-proof and able to continue to address UHD (4k) and beyond. The DVBeacon is a step closer to users being able to benefit from a complete home gateway solution.”

Among the 15% of smart TVs connected to the internet, 6O% of consumers access over-the top video services through the device. Neotion points out that researchers forecast an increase from 22 million to 550 million from 2012-2017. Using an in-house developed GS1 processor, the product will be available by mid-2015.