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Neo feels effects of upgrade

New software that turns the colour-tuneable Rotolight Neo into a lighting effects machine and a three-light Neo kit are on show.

The software upgrade includes such features as: Designer Fade, for programmable custom fades (up/down); True Aperture Dimming, which calculates the correct aperture (f-stop) at a given distance, shutter speed and ISO, and is useful for both stills and video; and CineSFX, a quickly-accessible menu that turns the 91 TLCI Neo into a versatile effects light.

Rotolight’s CEO, Rod Gammons, demonstrated strobe effects that can be adjusted to synch with the camera’s shutter speed, lightning flashes, throbbing, colour cycling, emergency vehicle lights, and fire effects, which can be adjusted to replicate candles or camp fires (and even flares where the flame changes from red to blue), as well as a television effect that randomly changes colour and intensity as if someone is lit by a TV screen.

The £1,080/€1,485 kit comes in a waterproof, cabin baggage-sized case and includes newly designed military-grade barn doors, plus power adapters – although the lights can run for 3.5 hours on six rechargeable AA batteries or from a camera battery via D-Tap. Rotolight also has a new 12v car cigarette lighter adapter, with 5m cable.

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