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NASA looking for cameras to go to Mars

“I’m looking for cameras for vehicles going to Mars,” reported NASA’s Carlos Fontanot, imagery manager for the International Space Station.

Speaking Sunday, he explained that the US space agency is looking for technology partners for future missions, including those
that can provide small cameras with low data rates, that are intelligent and could autotrack objects. NASA’s Kelly O. Humphries, who serves as news chief at Johnson Space Center in Houston and was the voice of mission control for more than 50 shuttle missions, reported on the development of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. NASA, he said, aims to send this spacecraft to Mars by 2030.

Among the current initiatives, NASA and Harmonic partnered to launch a UHD public TV channel. Jeff Koehler, VP of solutions engineering at Harmonic, said Harmonic and NASA also released a 360-degree virtual reality experience, shot underwater at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory; a training facility featuring a 6.5 million gallon indoor pool with a life-size replica of the ISS.
Summed up Fontanot:

“It’s our mission for you on earth to take advance of what we learn.”