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Nagra: Leveraging the Internet of Things

Making its international debut at IBC last year was Nagra’s Gravity Ultra user experience for 4K UltraHD television. This year, the company says it is taking it to the next level by showing how 4K UltraHD can leverage the Internet of Things to create a smart home and connected TV experience. NAGRA is also presenting the 4K edition of its Gravity Edge reference UI running on a 4K set-top box.

New this year for the show is a “ready-to-deploy” QuickStart solution, offering pre-integrated SmarDTV devices for fast time-to-market of new servicess and applications on any TV set, including OTT live and on-demand content, transactional VoD, subscription VoD, as well as external PVR and network PVR capabilities. NAGRA says that QuickStart leverages its latest technologies including: NAGRA content protection and studio-approved DRM solution, NAGRA PRM, OpenTV 5 HTML5 connectware and user experience capabilities as well as the NAGRA MediaLive and Cloud Services platform.