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Multiviewer control on steroids

By Mark Hallinger

‘theWALL’, a software tool for easily and intelligently setting up and controlling multiviewers, has been debuted at IBC2015. With theWALL users can configure monitor walls, route signals, change monitor layouts or save and load their own presets.

L-S-B claimed theWALL was the ideal solution for operators or engineers-in-charge (EIC) to configure monitor walls in OBs or studios. The company said it would prove very helpful in frantic live production environments with fast changing production and workflow setups. In these situations, theWALL could enable production teams to change monitor wall layouts fast and on-the-fly.

theWALL can integrate with the most common multiviewers found on the market, said the company. Instead of learning several specific multiviewer softwares or asking the EIC to change a layout, users of theWALL can change all kinds of multiviewers with just one tool. The product consists of a software that talks directly to the multiviewers and a GUI for mobile control. The GUI runs on a HTML5 basis, thus being independent from any mobile device manufacturer. Users can run the software app on any device.