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Multiscreen delivery portfolio showcased

Claimed to be among the most comprehensive available, Imagine Communications’ multiscreen delivery portfolio supports high-density and high video quality transcoding and delivery for OTT linear and
VoD services.

An end-to-end cloud DVR solution, including recorders and packagers, it is supported by what the company describes as advanced storage optimisation capabilities that enable video service providers to cost-effectively meet various legal and copyright requirements, including private copy laws.

The company’s next-generation dynamic ad insertion and unified distribution portfolios enable content distributors to consolidate and, according to Imagine, simplify their infrastructures to reduce
costs and explore new monetisation opportunities.

Also on show is Imagine’s end-to-end, omniplatform ad management portfolio which features open, modular systems that the company says help maximise ad revenue.

Highlighted capabilities include sales, scheduling, and analytics for linear and non-linear delivery. In addition, Imagine is demonstrating what it says is groundbreaking integration of playout and scheduling achieved through the unification of its Versio and xG Schedule solutions.

Imagine is also highlighting its collaboration with Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Microsoft Azure Certified solutions based on Imagine Communications’ software-based playout and live encoding solutions are featured, as are media cloud services that leverage HPE’s cloud-based, virtualised and orchestrated network services.