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Multiformat transcoder for Mac

PrimeTranscoder is a new video-transcoding application for Mac OS from Imagine Products. As well as GPU acceleration, the company claims it offers many features that make it more robust than any other transcoding application at its price point.

Michelle Maddox, marketing director, Imagine Products, said: “PrimeTranscoder is a powerful transcoding application that allows users to convert multiple files to different formats at once. It recognises and converts more than 20 different HD, 4K and RAW camera formats, including ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, GoPro, Panasonic, RED and Sony.”

“While that’s happening, it can also create editable or sharable files,” continued Maddox. “By doing all those things simultaneously, PrimeTranscoder maximises time and makes for a more efficient workflow – and that’s what our customers have told us they need as they strive to compete in an evolving industry.”

Speed and stability are critical to the transcoding process, Imagine Products believes, and PrimeTranscoder’s GPU accelerator is said to make transcoding faster by allowing the application to take advantage of the computer’s graphics processing unit. In this way, customers get rapid file conversion without sacrificing any stability.

PrimeTranscoder’s user interface is described as simple to use, and offers both standard and user-defined presets.