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MultiDyne’s 3600 series signals growth for transmission

The LightBrix range of compact, rugged fibre transport products is expanding with the VB-3600 Series, eight products that mix and match of variety of signal connection needs across video, audio, and data, as well as other needs including Ethernet and control.

At the top of the range, the VB-3607 provides a cost effective solution for transmission of quad-link 4K video or four 3Gb/s, HD, SD and/or ASI signal paths over one single-mode fibre-optic cable, claimed the firm.

The VB-3600 provides added value for production teams who desire interoperability with openGear products. This includes MultiDyne’s recently announced 0G-3600 Series of modules. To maximise ease of use and deployment, each VB-3600 Series throw-down corresponds with the signal density and connectivity features of a specific OG-3600 Series module.

According to MultiDyne, the OG-3600 Series is especially useful on mobile trucks in sports productions, where space is at a premium yet interoperability across other terminal gear products is maximised by using openGear’s flexible architecture and open platform.

Stand: 11.D40