From multicamera production to virtual sets

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Technology for 3D virtual studio production, 4K virtual multicamera production, and a 2x2 videowall processor will be part of this year’s Datavideo lineup at IBC2017. This includes the KMU-100, a 4K multicamera production system. For use, the output of a single 4K/UHD camera is connected to the KMU-100, which then displays up to four 16x9 user-defined windows that are sent out as four separate HD signals through HD-SDI. These user defined windows can be scaled, and with the RMC-185 controller, users could select a particular subject on the 4K signal.

An additional 4K camera could be connected to the KMU-100 to allow up to eight defined outputs from two 4K signals.

Also set to be on the stand is the TVS-2000 3D virtual studio system, which features a chromakeyer that could be used in “simple chromakey” mode or an advanced mode, said Datavideo. In a tracking mode, the movement of the camera is followed by the 3D rendered environment (this option requires use of up to two Datavideo PTC-150 cameras). The system includes a 3D editing tool to create 3D virtual sets.

Datavideo is also exhibiting its TWP-10 4K Video Wall Processor 2x2, a real-time videowall processor for up to four flat-panel displays. The TWP-10 allows users to input HDMI video up to UHD resolution. The embedded scaler converts signals from HDMI source to match the original resolution of monitors, flat-panel displays, projectors and user-selectable output settings up to 1080p.

Datavideo also reported that it is currently developing a larger 4x4 version which will be called TWP-100.

Stand Number: 7.D39