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Multi-vendor network monitoring

A new software solution enabling broadcasters to efficiently manage all connected devices throughout their network is being demonstrated. WorldCast Manager, developed by sister-company WorldCast Connect and represented in the broadcast market by

WorldCast Systems, provides a centralised interface from which to manage ‘any size’ of network, comprising equipment from any manufacturer.

Comprehensive and highly customisable alarm management and notification is provided, said Worldcast, and the software is compatible with smartphone devices. This ensures that all significant issues can be identified and dealt with at any time of the day, with no need for 24/7 manning of facilities, claimed the company.

In addition to day-to-day monitoring and supervision, the WorldCast Manager offers extensive capabilities for analysis and reporting enabling decision-making at various levels of the organisation.

The software provides both global operational insights as well as detailed analysis of granular data to improve quality of service throughout, facilitate predictive maintenance and optimise the performance of the network.