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Multi-station radio scheduling on the go

Selector2GO is a new feature of the GSelector multi-station scheduling system, tailored for the web. RCS said Selector2GO works on all of today’s contemporary browsers and across platforms and mobile devices.

This includes most PC and Mac computers as well as the vast majority of current smart phones, tablets and e-readers, including the iPad and iPhone. RCS said the data flow is kept small to enable fast performance, even on mobile networks like 3G. Selector2GO provides core scheduling, schedule editing functionality and essential analysis details of a station’s rotations.

The company’s Aquira traffic system, designed for local and national sized radio businesses, similarly now offers Aquira2GO. This is a browser-based application with a responsive user interface optimised to work on most modern mobile devices. RCS described it as ‘part customer relationship manager (CRM) and part sales proposal tool’.

It lets an account executive remotely access data for their clients, build a proposal with real time access to the station inventory, and present it to
the advertiser.