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Multi-format transcoder at a ‘fraction of the price’

Launched not long before the show opened, VideoPropulsion is showcasing its XC10 MPEG Transcoder PCIe card. The XC10 now powers the company’s FG-5000 Series Transcoder appliances to support over 300 streams in 3U of rack space. In addition to high-density MPEG transcoder solutions, the company is also showing its line of EdgeQAMs, 128 channel DVB-C QAM modulator and other DVB PCIe cards for OEMs, and content security solutions.

VideoPropulsion has created a scalable line of PCIe MPEG transcoder cards with its XC2, XC4, XC6, and now XC10 cards, enabling it, along with OEMs and system builders, to create MPEG transcoding solutions that support from as few as eight streams to as many as hundreds in a single appliance.

The XC10 is a multi-format transcoder capable of delivering up to 40 streams in broadcast environments and up to 80 for adaptive bitrate applications. It supports trans-rating and trans-scaling of HD bitrates and resolutions down to smaller formats suitable for delivery in mobile video playback applications like OTT and TV Everywhere.