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Multi-format, multi-protocol video processor

The Plura 4KXpress is a multi-format, multi-protocol video processor designed for use in all UHD/4K, 3G broadcast systems. The platform is built around a powerful Xilinx FPGA chipset. Future-proof expansion (such as additional features and functionalities) can and will be implemented in the field via an Ethernet interface.

Plura said the commanding bi-directional 12G-SDI ports and HDMI 4K source/sink architecture makes the Plura 4KXpress video processor a solid platform to be customised for a variety of format and protocol conversion applications.

It ships as standard as bi-directional 12G to and from Quad SDI (SQ or 2SI).

Multiple applications are available including 4KXpress video processor, Soft Key 3G to 4x12G upscaler and distribution amplifier (field upgradable); Soft Key 12G to and from HDMI 4K via a field upgradable licence; soft key 4x3G to 12G and HDMI 4K Multiviewer via licence; and several more.