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MTF Services: World-first adaptors for AJA Cion

MTF has introduced what it claims are the world’s first lens adaptors for the upcoming AJA Cion digital production camera. It has worked with AJA to develop a range of adaptors so that, with the Cion due to start shipping this month, users won’t be limited in their choice of lens. Although the 4K/UHD Cion comes with the industry standard PL mount, many people own less-expensive lenses from other camera systems.

There will be five different adaptors available initially: a Nikon G adaptor with aperture control for both new and old Nikon lenses; an optical solution for B4 lenses compatible with any lens with a 2x extender — this allows total sensor coverage with an HD B4 lenses as the multi-layer coated optics extend the image from its original 2/3-inch size to cover the Cion’s Super35 sensor while maintaining the original angle of view of the lens; plus three adaptors for Canon lenses.

The Canon FD-to-Cion adaptor works with the old FD lenses, and there are two options for Canon EF lenses. The first is the standard mechanical adaptor, designed for EF-mount lenses with an aperture ring on the barrel. The second is an AJA Cion version of the MTF Effect range of adaptors for electronic lenses. When used with the MTF Effect Control Unit it controls the iris in 1/8th stop increments, and powers lens stabilisation and focus (for lenses with powered focus).