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MSA Focus: EPG Module added to ForeTV

An Enhanced EPG Module and a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Sales System are the key developments within ForeTV, the broadcast management technology being showcased by MSA Focus at IBC2014.

The Enhanced EPG Module provides centralised programme EPG metadata management for all schedules and non-linear catalogues across a broadcast operation, whether planned, generated or imported as pass-thru.

The ForeTV WPF Sales System is a Sales and Traffic Management application that controls a sales inventory from contract entry to TX and beyond.
MSA Focus operations director Martin Long said: “Both [applications] have been developed using WPF alongside the latest Microsoft data access technologies to provide a responsive, customisable and graphically rich user focussed interface.”

When using the EPG module, specific EPG data forms can be designed for and applied to particular applications, channels and languages. EPG details can be managed directly against library items or via schedules or catalogues allowing the use of standard library linked details or event specific versions.

A web-linked display of a chosen online content database for each channel can also be configured, offering direct access from within ForeTV.

The WPF Sales Systems is delivered through a customisable interface with enhanced graphic presentation and offers commercial airtime booking methods and spot management functionality.
Other highlights include a configurable validation component and automatic clash resolution routines