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I-Movix: Modular X10 speeds ahead

A new range of modular variants of I-Movix’s X10 ultra slow motion system can now match any Vision Research Phantom camera and be tailored more easily to user’s needs. It will also be simpler to upgrade, whether to match evolving production requirements or new generations of cameras.

The completely re-designed system uses various modules based around the central X10 Camera Control Unit, and allows users optimise systems for different applications, including multiple high-speed cameras, or realtime continuous shooting with non-stop super slow motion.

“This fundamental re-invention of the X10 product line makes it easier for ultra-motion to become a ubiquitous resource in broadcasting and other applications,” said I-Movix CEO, Laurent Renard. “There is now almost a bespoke answer for any set of requirements a customer may have, but whatever the chosen configuration the solution will have all the advantages of the market-leading X10 core technology.”

Every modular system requires the rack-mount X10 CCU, and configurations include: X10 USM, for very high framerate sports applications (up to 2600fps at 1080i, or 5600fps at 720p); X10 Spine, which sits below aPhantom camera and supports the same frame rates but adds operational flexibility for additional non-broadcast use; X10 SSM, for use as a conventional HD broadcast camera with the addition of continuously-recorded super slomo at 300fps (1080i) or 600fps (720p); and the X10 UHD, which works with the Phantom Flex4K and can do up to 500/600fps in HD or 100/120fps in 4K for live use, or can do up to 2,00fps in 1080i/1080p and up to 1,000fps in 4K for ultra slow motion applications. There are RF wireless versions of each module.

For multi-camera production there is the X10 Multi, which can be used with three camera heads (six channels).