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More information at a glance

The LV5490 waveform monitor now has expanded multiscreen capability, up from a maximum of four simultaneous test displays to 15 user-selectable graphic or data-group elements that can be viewed on its front-panel monitor and via the external monitor output.

Kevin Salvidge, European regional development manager, Leader, said: “This Independent Extended Display feature gives unprecedented control over test and measurement monitoring configurations.”

It is being added as standard for all new LV5490 instruments and can be incorporated as a software upgrade to existing units.

Also making its IBC debut is the LV5490SER10 direct digital 4K noise measurement processing option. It measures noise in luminance or RGB component chroma channels in any format that can be interfaced to the LV5490 (IP, 12G, 3G, UHD, HD and SD).

Data obtained from the input SDI signal is converted directly without intermediate analogue processing, allowing accurate and stable measurement.