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Monopod movement made easy

Adjusting the height of a monopod while you are trying to shoot means you have to switch your concentration from the image to using your hands to release a clamp or untighten/tighten an axial sleeve lock while you extend or contract the leg.

What if it was as simple as raising a camera on a traditional camera pedestal? That is the thinking behind the new Steadicam Air, the first monopod from the stabilisation specialist.

Steadicam Air uses a gas-filled leg that you can raise or lower by using a foot-operated lever, so you never have to take your hands off the camera. Once it is in place, lift your foot, and it stays where it is. It means the monopod can move with you more easily (it can also swivel about its foot).

Steadicam is planning to have two versions, one for cameras weighing up to about 6.5-7kg, the other for heavier payloads, up to about 11-12kg. It should ship later this year.