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Monitoring reference grade cinema colour

The new 1703-P3X 17-inch reference monitor is claimed to be double the brightness of other 17-inch reference monitors (at about 900 nits), and is daylight viewable. It covers 100 per cent of the DCI-P3 and Rec.709 colour spaces, and features a 1500:1 contrast ratio, a 179° viewing angle, as well as SmallHD’s Pagebuilder OS toolset.

Wes Philips, co-founder, SmallHD, said: “This monitor is both bright, extremely colour accurate and offers true reference grade cinema colour. It’s the perfect monitor for DITs on-set or location and for mastering in post.”

It should offer easy installation of a user’s own 3D LUT calibration with advanced colour management, from the likes of Light Illusion, LightSpace CMS, or SpectraCal’s CalMAN.

It costs $3,999 and has HDMI I/O plus two SDI I/O.

On-screen tools like HD waveform, vectorscope, false colour, focus peaking and two zebra bars can all be displayed simultaneously. A Dual View function allows users to monitor two input sources at once with side-by-side viewing.