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Monetising OTT with SaaS

Multi-screen cloud video software company Easel TV has enhanced its Suggested TV SaaS platform. Advanced marketing functionality, in the form of pre-roll video and promotional overlays, allow its clients to add brand sponsorship, promotions and vouchering to help monetise their service.

Joe Foster, CEO, Easel TV, said: “Operators, content providers and brands need to maximise the opportunity to monetise their OTT offerings, so we’ve focused on minimising their costs, by eliminating expensive systems integration, and then adding advanced marketing functionality to increase revenue.”

These advanced marketing tools allow Easel TV’s clients to look beyond just subscription, transactional or advertising (SVoD, TVoD or AVoD) income towards more advanced and creative options for commercial success.

Promotional overlays enable Easel TV’s clients to sell sponsorship of movies, TV shows/series and video collections, providing wider scope for monetising the offering. Video pre-rolls can also be created as part of the same campaign or offered separately to bring in further commercial value.

On top of all this, associated discount vouchering can be added as part of a campaign to actively engage the consumer in the service, providing wider publicity and tangible value to consumers as part of these brand campaigns. This all gives Easel TV’s clients far more flexibility and capability to bring in a lot more income for the content they’ve paid out on.

This rich set of tools now forms part of the Suggested TV Engine, a comprehensive suite of management tools with a common interface for the complete end-to-end operation of the multiscreen cloud video service offered by Easel TV.