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Monetisation of multi-screen

Kabel Deutschland, the largest cable operator in Germany, has chosen a headend monitoring solution from IneoQuest for realtime digital content monitoring and visual inspection. “We strive to deliver high quality content to our customer and IneoQuest’s video service assurance solution helps us to do just that,” said Bernd Hansen, team leader, Service Management at the operator.

“Delivering high quality content starts by assuring the video at the network headend.” For IneoQuest, Raphael Burgner, senior director of Sales and head of EMEA Operations, said: “Kabel Deutschland places a high priority on service quality and we applaud the company’s efforts to ensure optimum customer experience.”

“Whether you operate a cable or a mobile infrastructure you need to combine data from within the network with behavioural analytics about who is watching what, when and on what devices in order to better target new services and advertising and to achieve service assurance and network efficiency and capex optimisation,” said VP corporate strategy, Stuart Newton.