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MOM gets a makeover

Updates for the company’s MOM (media operations manager) system are on display. Designed for broadcasters, cable television operations and streaming media providers, MOM delivers a comprehensive platform for organising and managing a wide array of broadcast production and integrated channel playout tasks, said Enco.

MOM integrates ingest, media asset management, graphics, branding, on-the-fly multi-format transcoding and 24/7 multi-channel playout automation within its single, unified platform.

New for IBC is an integrated graphics generator for live channel branding, support for Network Device Interface (NDI) connectivity, and the ability to produce a live show with live camera and NDI inputs

. This extends MOM beyond standard automation-related tasks and deeper into the TV production infrastructure.

Support for NDI-connected devices is especially valuable given the ability to easily share bi-directional SD, HD and 4K/UHD video over a single, ubiquitous, standard Gigabit network.

MOM’s GUI allows a single operator to handle all of the media production and playout tasks required by the end-to-end broadcast workflow. Tasks like scheduling, logging changes and live insertion control can be executed with drag-and-drop functionality. MOM also provides a path for virtualised automation when integrated with the ENCO1 virtualised server.

ENCO1 allows MOM and other ENCO software solutions to run efficiently via IP-based virtualisation to reduce costs and operational overhead, as well as minimise rack space.