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Model Mover for ‘perfect’ image sequences

Camera systems can now be supplemented with Stäubli precision robots to manage the positioning and movement of items to be filmed in three-dimensional space. Camerobot Systems is using its six-axis compact robot of the Stäubli TX series to be its Model Mover, claiming it enables spectacular image sequences without stretching budgets.

Peter Pühringer, division manager, Camerobot Systems said, “We are now able to offer an affordable alternative to this costly and time-consuming procedure, namely our Model Mover. The six-axis compact robot of the Stäubli TX series can move and position models freely in space and at an optimum orientation to the camera. In this way, spectacular image sequences can be created to the highest standard and reproduced as often as required.”

A special advantage of this solution is that Model Mover is fully integrated into the programming environment of the camera robot, thanks to further refinements of the Camerobot Motion Control software and the graphical user interface.

The user can control all the axes of the two robot systems simultaneously and with full synchronisation. One further advantage is the simple, intuitive operation of the system, which allows rapid adjustments without any inconvenience.

Pühringer added, “With the addition of Model Mover to the Camerobot product portfolio, we have taken the final step towards a high performance overall system which allows setup to a hitherto unprecedented level of precision. In this way, special effects and image sequences in TV commercials or on a studio set can be optimised by yet a further dimension and all of this with significantly reduced expenditure and effort.”

Model Mover can also be retrofitted to existing Camerobot systems.