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Mobile Viewpoint: Software encoder for OS X

A new software-only solution for laptops and desktops was recently added to Mobile Viewpoint’s encoder family. This allows its bonding technology to be used on any computer.

All available network connections on the computer can be used for bonding, while ingesting live video is handled by BlackMagic Design Thunderbolt capture devices. The company predicts that of the major use cases will be the use of portable BGAN and KA-sat terminals for live transmissions in remote locations

It can be monitored from the WMT VideoManager and routed to one or more HD SDI Playout devices for total flexibility and footage exchange options. It is available as of August for Mac OSX 10.9 and higher. A Windows version will be available later this year.

Earlier in the year, Mobile Viewpoint added a HLS web encoder to its product portfolio which outputs streaming video compatible with any device, mobile or desktop. Support for H.265 (HVEC) and VP-9 video codecs was also integrated into the company’s new WMT Expert-265 backpack encoder.