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Mobile-centric satellite service launched

SmartBeam is a new service developed by Eutelsat to deliver native IP content to mobile devices. True to the inherent quality of satellites, the service can provide universal and immediate coverage over wide regions with consistent quality of service, the company claimed.

Eutelsat said it will enable broadcasters and platforms to extend their relationship with users by delivering live and push VoD, free-to-air and DRM protected content to public venues and in the home, with no dependency on terrestrial infrastructure.

Consumers can be targeted with content and formats that are specifically tailored for smartphones and tablets in terms of resolution and duration.

Based on standard technologies and protocols (DVB-S2, IP, HTTP Live Streaming and others), SmartBeam is said to be compatible with all common portable devices as well
as Smart TVs.

It uses a small, low-cost satellite receiver that acts as a local Content Delivery Network (CDN) receiving high-quality TV channels and VoD content via satellite, and serving it locally to mobile phones and tablets over a WiFi network. It is also claimed to be flexible enough to support advanced video services such as encryption with DRM (Digital Rights Management) and non-linear TV like catch up TV and push VoD.