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Miteq: Same performance, two thirds less space

Time and budget are always at a premium. So, increasingly, is space. Recognising the trend, Miteq has announced a solution that reduces rack space by two thirds — meaning that three times as many cards can be deployed in a 1RU height cage. Designed to designed to compensate for long cable run loss and configurable to provide system redundancy in a 1RU package, the new offering, says the company, provides the same quality, functionality, performance capability and options as the full size equivalents.

A 1RU cage can now host three block upconverters or block downconverters (L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku-, or Ka-Bands); redundant switchover units and test translators for all bands; low noise gain adjustable amplifiers and amplitude/slope equalisers (also all bands); fibre optic transmitters and receivers (complete links with redundant switchover unit); and synthesisers for L- and Ka-Bands for signal path testing.