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Mistika VR offers real-time stitching

Mistika VR is SGO’s software-based virtual reality system, developed by incorporating its

Mistika technology and offering real-time stitching, a new interface and raw format support.Using Mistika Optical Flow Technology, the new VR tool takes camera position information and sequences then stitches the images together using presets.

It’s been developed to work with various VR camera formats, and the company is also creating custom presets for productions where teams are building the rigs themselves.

Mistika VR is SGO’s first product to be made fully available as part of the company’s new native workflow concept.

Geoff Mills, managing director, SGO, said: “SGO is making the advanced capabilities of our hero suite Mistika Ultima available on an affordable monthly or annual subscription. We believe that breaking down specific workflow systems will enable the industry to adopt a much more flexible workflow and one that can be adapted to the project users are working on.”