Mission to legalise IMF packages

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The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is an emerging SMPTE standard for the exchange of final film master files, in a mezzanine format used for downstream transcoding to all the required distribution format and language versions.

At IBC, Cube-Tec is giving a European launch to its IMF Legalizer, which it claims is the industry’s first product for quality control and automated rule-based correction of IMF packages.

To fix issues with non-compliant MXF-containers, JPEG 2000 code streams and XML data, IMF Legalizer combines what the company describes as a rigorous QC concept with a lossless data correction procedure.

The last step before generating the final QC report for each IMF package is the audit trail.

The already-corrected IMF package is automatically double-checked again by an independent, fully-integrated third-party QC tool to attest its correctness.

The IMF Legalizer report provides a detailed comparison view of the differences between the IMF input and the corrected output data. Thanks to the integrated second validation process, Cube-Tec said that the IMF Legalizer QC Report can be seen as the authority reference, which can be used by the IMF producer to fix its implementation flaws.