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On a mission to support IMF

An IMF Player and Mastering Automation system as part of its flagship product, Clear Media ERP, is a highlight of the Prime Focus stand.

The IMF Player is designed to let users preview, playback, review and distribute over a streaming proxy a composition playlist (CPL) with all its essences, including video, audio and captions.

According to PFT: “This enables collaboration and decision making in the workflow without having to necessarily access the original IMF package each time a CPL has to be played back, thereby easing content transfer loads and optimising storage consumption across streaming locations.”

The IMF support in Clear includes the ingest of Complete IMF packages and Supplemental IMF packages. Clear also provides users with the ability to work with IMF Compositions created using supported desktop CPL systems.

Clear’s hybrid cloud architecture enables packaging and delivery of IMF packages from remote locations, public cloud infrastructure and customer premises.

For domestic and international syndication, Clear’s Mastering Automation system includes a Compliance Data Model, Caption Re-timing and a tool for compliance auto QC on captions and subtitles, languages and similar.